Monday, February 11, 2013

Job Hopping, Does it Damage Your Employment Future? - #infographic

Job Hopping, Does it Damage Your Employment Future? - #infographic


Anonymous said...

So basically anyone of the MILLIONS of hard workers who has been shit on during this awful recession should just throw themselves off a bridge, because they are now unfairly deemed "unemployable?" To that, I say fuck HR, fuck recruiters, fuck all goddamn "hiring managers" who look down on and snub their noses at hurting and suffering people who are the most desperate to work and do the best job possible.

Julia Erickson said...

When you're unemployed, you can devote time to your job search AND to finding a good volunteer position that will allow you to use your skills & abilities. My clients have used volunteer spots to leverage their way into full-time employment - because they can list the volunteer work as EXPERIENCE in their resume.

Think broadly about what volunteering means - working for no monetary compensation. There are many ways you can volunteer. The KEY is to know the skills you want to use and then offering them to those who need them.

For my clients, volunteer work has included the traditional volunteering for a non-profit or religious group - in a substantive capacity, e.g. handling finances, chairing a standing or ad hoc committee, doing fundraising, running a job search group or teaching something - use your imagination to figure out how to put your skills to work.

Other "volunteer" work is pro bono consulting to a colleague, friend, neighbor, former employer, new business, entrepreneur, college student, school - anybody who will benefit from what you have to offer, and can't afford to pay you...yet.

Focus on doing something where you can produce some kind of measurable impact, result, outcome. A project with a beginning, middle and end is always a great way to showcase your impact. It can be a project with a team or on your own.

Most recruiters are pleased to learn that you have created something useful for yourself and others during your "unemployment" - that you have figured out how to EMPLOY your skills and abilities, even if it's without monetary compensation. Why? Because you show initiative (a very good thing), you are keeping your skills up-to-date (another very good thing), and you've persuaded someone that you will offer more to them in value than the potential "burden" of them managing you. Because every volunteer has to be managed to some extent, and the fact that someone will accept your offer and bring you into a team says that you are worth it.

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