Thursday, March 28, 2013

Always Drive to Increase Customer Lifetime Value : Loyalty Counts #infographic

Tips Tricks and Sound Advice

Always Drive to Increase Customer Lifetime Value : Loyalty Counts #infographic
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Tips, Tricks and Sound Advice

Use and Be Used, It's Not an Either Or!
by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

Yes, we all want our customers to be loyal and not flee to another brand based on price or dissatisfaction with our last shipment or service. So, are you using a number of the social media channels, above, to "mine" opportunities from the never ending sea of "Big Data" to prospect new customers? If so, you won't get an argument from me, however, have you considered the value of "being used"?

Perhaps some of your time spent on these channels could be sharing/praising your suppliers and re-sellers. The more you reach out through social media to recognize the people that contribute to your successes, the more reach and influence you will build. Cross branding efforts on these channels will inevitably attract the attention of customers that want to be part of the chain of influence. Soon your brand will be about a group supporting each other. That's what breeds loyalty!

To engage a CRM construct using social media channels, please find me, and thanks for reading.


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