Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Contentious State of #b2b Content #Marketing #infographic

Tips, Tricks and Sound Advice

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Tips, Tricks and Sound Advice

Breaking it Down!
 by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

1) "Efficacious Content" simply means, write something relevant and engaging for your customer. Remember that the best content without a "call to action" to buy what you are promoting is like a sword that remains in your scabbard.

2) "Baby Budget" in our opinion, shouldn't limit your ability to provide great stimulus to advance your products or services. Sure, invest what you can, but emphasize quality reasons why your customer should buy from you. Talk about the benefits to them, make a friend.

3) "Selective Social Presence" doesn't mean grab onto just the "Big 3" shown in this infographic. Use the biggest and best, but do your research to find complimentary channels that may be more focused! If your business is selling geriatric equipment, you probably don't want to invest time in Foursquare that carries a young audience.

4) "Content Challenges" maps out the major and obvious constraints we all have to deal with, but ignores the   inability of most "hap-hazard" postings to reach your ultimate goal, that of engagement.

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