Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Tips Tricks and Sound Advice

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Tips, Tricks and Sound Advice

Breaking it Down!
 by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

Please and Thank You, then Eyes On and Ears Open
by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

What your mother taught you has even more value in the social media world! Any and every time you post something, make sure to "pilot" your message through the sea of social media's nonsense and nuisance by being humble and polite. Most Facebook and Twitter users assume their message is stimulating enough to be shared and re-tweeted, and maybe some are, but people "in the know", like HubSpot, will tell you that asking for a user to "pass along" your posts, or add to the value your story with their thoughts, get's results.

The "please" may be the easiest 1st step to take, but the "thank you" is the most important! Make sure you thank your supporters with reciprocal sharing, comments re-tweets and likes, this is what builds  relationships, rather than an unorganized mob of influence collectors.

Thanks to mom's advice, you'll have a larger group of loyal followers. Now keep your "eyes on" the results and your "ears open" for feedback that will help you groom a consistent, quality formula for engaging a wider audience.

For more about social media manners that matter, contact me, PLEASE, and THANK YOU for reading bobby@stategynuts.com