Monday, March 25, 2013

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Tips Tricks and Sound Advice

Tips, Tricks and Sound Advice

Breaking it Down!
 by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

From the Outside In 
by Bobby Anderson, Business Consultant at Strategy Nuts

We all would like a ubiquitous brand, but where do you start? The Nike "swoosh" didn't make the Nike brand, the innovation of a superior running shoe did. That said, it's best to look at this infographic from the outside in.

Remind yourself that, yes, people do buy on emotion! Even the commodity purchases you make in everyday life, like toilet paper, often have an emotional appeal. Entire brands push softness, scent, strength, and even "planet friendly" products. So, when you look to brand yourself, start with my favorite emotion on the outside rim of the compass, "Empathy". If you can find common ground with your target audience based on the way they feel, you're a step closer to an engagement.

Now, pick any other "Emotions/Sentiment" area on the wheel, address it with empathy, and you'll begin to "feel" an army of support for your brand.

For more about how emotional intelligence can play a larger roll in your branding efforts, contact me, I feel you.